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Managing Monday

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

How are you feeling? No, I mean how are you REALLY feeling? Burnout, overwhelm, and exhaustion have become so pervasive in our day to day, especially over the last few years and recent months. Part of mental wellness and personal care is taking that time to check in and see - am I feeding my body, mind, and soul? Have I been able to care for myself well? What do I need to do to be okay today?

Often there's internalised pressure to achieve thriving mode and frustration when being stuck in survival and that's before we begin unpacking the internal and external pressures of productivity. When feeling exhausted, burnout or behind on tasks one of the best things you can do is wake up in the morning and ask yourself "What do I NEED to get done today? What CAN I push to tomorrow, next week or even next month?" By moving to a mindset of triaging tasks, you're then able to get the urgent things done, while knowing the upcoming tasks and activities. This can look a few different ways - colour coding by colour and urgency in calendars can be helpful, using post it notes that are color coded and can be moved from day to day also works well. Or if you're a tried and true paper planner person, use pen for the urgent must get done and pencil in the other items. Breaking the day into 3 parts morning, afternoon and evening is also an option. Put up to two urgent items under each and check them off when done. This gives freedom in when the task gets done AND provides a soft and hard deadline.

Remember, it's okay to slow down and decrease your output and maybe just maybe the extra breathing space will get you back to thriving.

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