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Individual & Relationship Intensives

Areas of Focus

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Sexuality & Romantic Spectrums

Did you grow up feeling like your relationship with sexuality and/or romance differed from the experiences your peers described? Did it lead you to feel like there was something "wrong" with you? Well, there isn't! I am happy to help you define or redefine your relationship with your self as it relates to sexuality and romantic experiences or lack thereof. I can help you to:

  • normalize your experience

  • learn where your boundaries and comfort zones are

  • learn to accept and love your differences

Image by Luwadlin Bosman

Alternate Lifestyles

Are you in a non monogamous and/or kink based relationship? Are you curious about entering one or more than one? I can help with the skills and tools needed to enter or succeed in this type of relationship. I can help you (individual, dyadic, triadic, and quads) to:

  • improve communication

  • learn what their individual needs are 

  • determine when and where you are comfortable compromising 

  • determining what is healthy and normal within alternative structures


Queer & Neurodivergent Trauma

Are you neurodivergent and tired of explaining your experience and still feeling unheard?  Have you experienced peer, family, and/or medical trauma due to your neurobiology? Does it impact how comfortable you are in the world? Do you want someone who knows what it's like?  I work with individuals and couples to help unpack:

  • internalized ableism

  • institutional, relational, education, and work based traumas

  • time management, burnout, self advocacy and more

  • learn to find queer and/or ND joy

Book a Consultation

15 Minute consultations are available on Wednesday and Thursday. Please let me know your time zone and schedule preference when reaching out. Sometimes my initial response goes to spam so please check there.


Neurodivergent Accountability and Support Group

This is a group is drop in and will run monthly. The group focus is on different accommodations, skills, self-advocacy tools and more. The group will run for 90 minutes and will be a mix of psychoeducation, discussion and body doubling. Each session will have a theme, check in round and topic discussion, before ending with time to body double.

Start Date: September 14, 2022 @ 5pm Pacific time.

Please email to register.

Colorful Books

Healing Through Fiction

This group will combine a traditional book club vibe with process work and healing. We'll look at family of origin themes, chosen family, adversity and authenticity. 

Book list will be sent closer to start date but will likely feature coming of age novels, , gender diversity, death and dying.

Sessions will be biweekly starting January 28 at 10am pacific time. 

Currently on hiatus for summer months.


Body Liberation & Eating Disorder Support Group

Group description coming soon. 

Start date to be announced (fall start).

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