Individual Counselling

Relationship Counselling

Group Counselling

Areas of Focus

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Are you looking for someone who understands you and can support you levelling up your understanding of yourself and your toolkit? I can help you in your exploration of:

  • gender identity

  • sexual orientation

  • kink & sexuality

  • authentic self-expression​

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Alternative Relationship Structures

Are you in an unconventional or alternative relationship structure and desire support in navigating the nuances of relationshiping that is specific to your dynamics? I have experience helping you navigate:

  • open relationships and swinging

  • non-standard monogamy 

  • polyamory (heirarchy, egalitarian, and  solo polyamory)

  • relationship anarchy 


Autism & ADHD

Are you neurodivergent and tired of explaining your experience and still feeling unheard? Do you want someone who knows what it's like? I have experience with Autism and ADHD and can help with:

  • somatic awareness and tools to help regulate and excel

  • life hacks for executive dysfunction

  • affirming practices that centre your experience and self-knowledge

  • self-advocacy skills and more

Book a Consultation

15 Minute consultations are available on Wednesday between 11am and 7pm PDT. Please click the button below and include 3 preferred times in your email. Sometimes initial responses go to spam so please check there.


Mental Health Maintenance Group

This is a group that will be run monthly and will focus on general mental health and well-being maintenance. Some weeks there will be a theme, others general discussion, and psychoeducation. The group is on a drop in basis and will need 4 participants to go ahead each week. 

Start Date: September 25, 2022 @ 7pm Pacific time.

Colorful Books

Healing Through Fiction

This group will combine a traditional book club vibe with process work and healing. We'll look at family of origin themes, chosen family, adversity and authenticity. 

Book list will be sent closer to start date but will like feature coming of age novels, through to fiction that relates to ageing, gender diversity, death and dying.

Sessions will be biweekly starting January 14 at 10am pacific time. 

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Sexuality 2.0

This group is for individuals who have an understanding of human sex and sexuality and want to do a deeper dive into how you interact and dance with your sexuality individually and with partner(s) and some historical contest . Due to the nature of the topic it will be a closed group with a hard start time. 


The group will roll out March 2023.