I utilise a variety of approaches and modalities that are catered to who you are, your needs and what feeds your soul to help you overcome personal challenges, find answers to existential questions, and identity exploration. Below are areas of interest and specialties I work with. Please reach out if you think you'd like to work with me.

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Geek&Pop Culture Informed Sessions

Are you a gamer, TTRPGer, LARPer, or boardgame fanatic? I've got you! Therapy can feel daunting and boring, when appropriate play can help provide breakthroughs and make sessions easier and more enjoyable. Please tell me what you geek out on, I'll make use of it to help you level up!

Alternate Relationship Structures

Are you in an unconventional or alternative relationship structure and desire support in navigating the nuances of relationshiping that is specific to your dynamics? I have experience helping you navigate:

  • open relationships and swinging

  • non-standard monogamy 

  • polyamory (heirarchy, egalitarian, and  solo polyamory)

  • relationship anarchy 


Are you neurodivergent and tired of explaining your experience and still feeling unheard? Do you want someone who knows what it's like? I have experience with Autism and ADHD and can help with:

  • sensory awareness and tools to help regulate

  • lifehacks for executive dysfunction

  • affirming practices that centre your experience and self-knowledge

  • self-advocacy skills and more

2SLGBTQA+ and Sex+ Populations

Are you looking for someone who understands you and can support you levelling up your understanding of yourself and your toolkit? I can help you in your exploration of:

  • gender identity

  • sexual orientation

  • kink and fantasy

  • authentic self-expression


Book a Consultation

Book a consultation if you'd like to meet me to assess fit, get a better idea of how sessions are approached and or ask any questions you might have. Consultations are 15-20 minutes and can be done via phone or video.



I offer individual sessions, dyad sessions, and group sessions that are designed to fit you and your needs. Sessions are usually 50 minutes, though longer sessions are recommended for couples and groups. 

I also offer free 20 minute initial consultations for you and I to determine if we'll be a good fit!