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Follow Your Passions Friday

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Often work, life, being human and all the needs, task etc that it entails is tiring and difficult. This exhaustion impacts so many areas of our lives, especially passion, joy and learning. Existing in a world built on systems of oppression that don't serve any of us is tough and often gets internalized as an individual/personal problem. We feel stuck in ruts, unable to enjoy work, hobbies, connection, and activities that used to be quite enjoyable. These experiences can and do lead to feeling like joy or passion is inaccessible.

When emotions and satisfaction in life are diminished looking for glimmers can be an easier way to reconnect with self. Glimmers can be little moments of curiosity, intrigue or interest, they can also be small moments where we feel connected, regulated and safe. Glimmers can also be big moments of joy and excitement. Ok, but how do I apply this? If you're deep in burnout or compassion fatigue it may be tuning into moments that create pauses in your life and checking in with: am I interested and hesitant or is this something that is causing apprehension? If it's the former, explore what dipping your toes in or back into it might look like. If it's the latter, checking in and seeing what you need to honour that apprehension.

Photo of a persons hand holding a string of fairy lights.

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