Sawah Danniels

Canadian Certified Counsellor

I'm a counsellor and geek. 

My approach is affirming, trauma informed, sex positive, lgbtq2sia+ supportive and intersectional. 

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What to Expect

Listening. Understanding. Exploring. Empowering.

A place to put your coat down, relax and be your authentic self. My role is to create a space for you to feel safe, secure, and curious about what you’re currently experiencing. Therapy that is collaborative and encourages you to have a say in what it looks like whether that looks like structure, free flow or a combination of both. We might explore emotional layers, attitudes, self-limiting beliefs, solutions, or develop new ways of being. This may be through conversation, activities, drawing, writing, or even games. Sessions have ebbs and flows, some meetings are deep dives, while others are more of a walk in the park. My hope is that you will leave our time together feeling more confident, self—aware and determined in who you are, how you want to be, and the tools you have in your kit to navigate new challenges as they arise.

Therapy as a process takes energy and effort from both you as a client and me as a therapist. I am committed to bringing my knowledge and best self to our sessions, ensuring the approach we take works for you as a human being that is unique, instead of a set of symptoms. 


Relationship Counselling

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Group Counselling

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Individual Counselling

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