Who I am

 Canadian Certified Counselor

Hi I’m Sawah aka The Nerdy Therapist (they/them, she/her). I have always had a passion for people and relationships, initially doing an undergraduate degree in communication studies while working as a student journalist, then in service industries, before settling as a counsellor (high school me would be proud)! I went in to counselling because I wanted to see more people providing the services I wanted to have access to. Namely counsellors with lived experience in neurodivergence, LGBTQ2SIA+, and non-monogamy/alternate relationship structures. I began the journey of getting my Master of Arts in Counselling in 2018 and completed the degree spring 2021.


For many years I have worked or volunteered in counselling like settings, providing peer support, resources and a listening ear to those who needed it. Settings included women’s resource centers, student residence living, autistic support work and more. 


As an individual I am queer, neurodivergent, and non-monogamous. I love travel, experiencing different cultures first-hand, being in nature, spending time with chosen family, games/gaming whether it’s table top role-playing games, board games or video/computer games, coffee on rainy days, and seeing the aha moments as something clicks into place.

My Values

Authenticity, honesty, integrity, collaboration, continual personal growth, vulnerability, compassion, sex positivity, anti-racism, self-determination, trans rights, indigenous sovereignty, inter sectionalism, harm reduction.

Credentials and Trainings

Canadian Certified Counsellor March 2022

HRT Assessment Training September 2021 (adult)

MA: Counselling Psychology April 2021 

Gottman Level 1 2021

Skills Training and Affective Interpersonal Relationships 2021

Narrative Intro 2021

Telehealth training August 2020

The Body Keeps the Score Trauma Intensive 2020

Facilitation 101 - July 2018

These credentials and trainings are not exhaustive.